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What are white tea benefits?

"Drinking a daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary",
Chinese proverb

Ancient people realized white tea benefits quite few centuries ago. Western medicine has now acknowledges white tea benefits through formal studies.

Let's talk abit about white tea,

* It comes from Camellia Sinensis - The Chinese tea plant

* This is a rare tea

* This tea tastes mellow and savory

* Its taste and fragrance is weaker than other teas

* Popular types are White Peony, Silver needle, and Snow buds

* This tea has as many health benefits as green tea such as anti-fungal effects, slowing the spread of breast cancer

White tea is processed differently from other teas.

White tea leaves are slightly oxidized. The dried products have opaque white color. The leaves can take shap of round balls, needle-like, or finely chopped powder.

The fragrance of this tea is not very distinguished. If there are lots of other fragrances around, it's likely that you can't not smell anything from the cup of tea.

When brewed, white tea appears to be kind of orange-yellowish color. This wonderful drink tastes sweet and a bit mellow. But if you taste this tea for the first time, it seems as if you have just drink fruity water.

It takes a while for your palate to adjust to the taste of this tea. Gradually you will sense the sweetness and may be a touch of bitterness.

Once the tea goes into the body, it gives you a sense of relaxation and refreshing. If you are all alone with your book, this is quite an experience. For a moment, you feel like all of stress evaporates away. You should try it sometimes...

There are not many varieties of white tea. 3 of most popular kinds of white tea are White Peony, Silver Needle, and Snow Buds. Silver Needle is the most expensive of the 3. While Snow Buds is the least known tea. Each of the above white tea kind has a different and distinctive taste.

For a beginner, White peony is a good choice. It's not so expensive but still has many distinguished traits of this rare tea.

There are many white tea benefits to help strengthening your immune system. Drinking tea is like exercise. It takes time but will yield great result. All good things require time, don't they?

Here are some well-known white tea benefits...

White tea benefits...

The first white tea benefits due to the high level of polyphenols - a type of antioxidants for their defenses against damages,diseases, and injuries.

White tea is the one of least processed tea. So most of the natural defense polyphenol are still retained in your cup of tea.

Once consumed into our body, these polyphenols help strenghthening our immune system. Polyphenols have similar effects as vitamins or minerals in our body.

The second white tea benefits is resulted from catechin.. Catechin is a specific kind polyphenol that exists in high amount in white tea.

It helps regulate chemicals in the cells to decrease the risk of developing breast cancer. Catechin also inactive the effects of tumor promoters. Thus, this slows the spreading of cancer.

High-consumption of animals fats and excess amount of alcohol can significantly increase the level of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Atherosclerosis and heart attack are commonly caused by high cholesterol and servere damage to the arteries.

The third white tea benefits is that it can help to keep the cholesterol level in check. Antioxidant polyphenol such as flavonoids and EGCG can greatly reduce the level of LDL - bad cholesterol in the blood. They have the ability to change the shape of LDL- make them less harmful to the arteries.

The fourth white tea benefits is that it can help increasing the amount of HDL - good cholesterol. Thus lowering the risk of suffering heart attack and stroke.

One thing to remember is that tea doesn't replace a healthy diet and regualar excercise. If you can combine these 3 healthy activities together, you will have the health to enjoy life better.

The fifth white tea benfits is that it also contain fluoride. It's an important mineral for health and strength of your teeth, gums, and bones.

Specifically, fluoride helps prevent dental cavities. This component of white tea is often added into tooth pastes to provide better dental protection and reducing the risk of plaque formation.

The last but not least white tea benefits is its effects against fungi. Recent studies have shown that this tea has strong anti-fungal effects, even stronger than green tea. It contains natural chemicals that have the ability to hinder the spreading of fungi.

Article: White tea beats green tea in fighting germs White tea benefits summary: A study done in New Orleans was presented in American Society of Microbiology on the white tea benefits on viral infections. The findings suggests that the anti-viral properties of white tea are even stronger than green tea. Thus white tea extract can be considered to be added to toothpaste for even better dental protection. This newly-found white tea benefit is worth reading...
Article: More tips to buy and to brew the best white tea Summary: Here are 6 more tips for you to choose and buy the best white tea. Some suggestions on how to brew the best white tea. For more helpful tips on how to buy tea online and offline, please click Shopping tips.
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