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Tea games - How to read tea leaves?

One of the most fun tea games is reading tea leaves.

However, if the tea you brewed is clear, there...may be nothing to read. So try not to use the infuser so we can play this the game.

Before going into a little more details how this tea game is played, please keep in mind that this game is purely for entertainment. The readings will be personal interpretations so they will not have any effect on anything in the future.

A little history on the reading games...

In ancient history, people who made a living by providing readings from the tea cup were viewed as fortunes tellers. Some people at that time believed that the patterns of the tea in the cup reflects the things that would happen in near future.

Of course, ancient people did not used the infuser like we did now. So reading tea leaves seemed was one of the popular tea games. Even though some people believe in it a little too much.

A special type of cup was used in tea reading. The cup should be white on the inside so it would be easier to see the tea leaves. The larger tea leaves were also helpful in situations in which the bottom of the cup was too narrow to see anything.

The people who want their tea cup to be read would drink the tea. They should leave a little tea in the cup. Carefully drain the water so the tea leaves would stick to the bottom of the cup.

One important thing was that these people should each have 1 question they wanted answers or predictions. It could be love, test, business, trip...

So how did the tea fortune tellers read the tea?

It's like this...

The tea reader had to stare into the cup for a while to actually see the pattern. Therefore, tea readings are mostly individual interpretations!

It is similar to the game that a person has to stare in a picture that has a uniform pattern for a long time to actually see the picture within the picture. However, tea readings are more subjective.

But, there are some kind of standard for tea readings. I'm not sure given by whom... If the tea leaves that are far from the center of the cup may reflect things in near future. Those in the center imply events that may happen in far future.

There probably will be may shapes in a tea cup. It's up to the reader to connect the relationship between the shapes to make the explanation relevant to the question.

Interpretation of shapes in your tea cup

Here are some shapes in this tea game that are interpreted as good luck such as :

* stars: brightness

* flowers: love, honors

* ring : marriage

* crowns : promotion

* tree: success, prosperity

Clear pattern is viewed as good signs. While foggy pattern is viewed as bad luck.

Here are some shapes that are interpreted in this tea game as bad luck such as:

* clouds : problems, difficulties

* cross: miseries

* cats : betrayal

* ravens : suffering

Some more tea leaves shape for your reading tea leaves games...

Look into your cup! Reading tea leaves requires a little imagination and a sense of logic.

It's kind of hard to tell what exactly the shape it. So you might need a magnified glass to see it clearly. Each of the shape has a different meaning. So it's up to you to find the relationships between the shapes. You may even come to a prediction!

Let your imagination runs wild...!

Here are some common shapes you may see or "imagine" in your cup:

Anchors : luck with money, upcoming trips

Apples : good health

Axes : problems, difficulty

Boats : a visitor will come

Bats : unsuccessful events

Butterflies : luck and success

Cats : betrayal

Circles : unexpected source of money

Coffins : miseries, pain,

Cows: fertility, many offspring

Dogs: loyalty

Doves : peace, luck

Eggs : fertility

Fish: moving to a new place

Fox: betrayal from closed one

Frog: luck in love

Hat: luck, promotion

Heart : love, marriage

Key : success with money

Knife: troubles, quarrels

Ladder : a sign of moving up

Letters: name of a closed one

Monkey: troubles with love

Mouse : betrayal, stealing

Owl: bad luck

Pigeons: peace and wealth

Rats: bad omen

Rings : love, marriage

Scissors: health troubles

Snakes : secrecy

Spiders: prosperity

Stars : luck, success

Trees: fertility, happiness

Triangles : good luck

Wolf : jealousy

Other tea games suggestions....

Another game for tea games is to guess the tea. But this game is a little difficult because not everyone knows every kind of tea. So it's best to stick with the reading game then...

If you have children in your tea parties, you can play board games like Monopoly, Clue, Sorry, Chess... Tea parties are the time for fun and relaxation...


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