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Tea recipes for tea parties

There are numerous tea recipes for tea parties. Everyone who host a tea party will want to surprise their guest with new and flavorful new recipes of tea.

The key to a great tea recipe is the combination of the right tea with the right ingredients.

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A simple thing to keep in mind is that strong tea like black tea needs stronger flavored ingredients. Weaker tea like oolong, green tea, and white tea requires weaker flavored ingredients.

The reason is that you want people to taste the tea but get a sense of other fragrance as well. If you can balance the taste of tea and ingredients, you can create many of your own recipes.

Some recipes for tea parties here taste unique and refreshing. Others are excellent for your health. But each recipe can be served in your parties depending on whether it�s an outdoor, indoor, winter, summer, spring, holidays tea parties.

The recipes here aren�t written in stones. You can fix , twist, change these recipes for tea parties to suit your taste.

New recipes will be added regularly. So you can add this page to as favorite page or make it homepage for future use.

Before browsing through the recipes for tea parties, here are some quantity you may need to know:

1 teaspoon ~ 5 ml

1 tablespoon ~ 15 ml

1 ounce in liquid ~ 30 ml

1 cup ~ 250 ml or 0.25 L

1 pint ~ 450 ml or 0.45 L

If so if it says 1/2 tea spoon, you just take 5/2 = 2.5 ml.

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