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The truth about Numi tea

There is a lot of buzz around Numi tea. Some people think itís a type of tea, others heard that it may come from different plant than regular tea. Actually, there is a really simple answer: this tea is produced by Numi company.

However, the interesting part is in how this company grows and make the tea. Letís find out whatís the buzz really about...

************************************************ The Numi company

Numi company was first established in 1999. Compared to other tea companies like Lipton, Numi is still a fresh face in the tea industry.

The Numi name began to earn popularity from consumers due the fact that Numi greatly controlled how the tea plants are grown and how the tea leaves are processed and packaging. The most famous products from Numi company is its Numi flowering tea

Their goal was and has been minimizing the damage to the environment in the process of growing and processing tea. Due to this strict policy, Numi company was known as the pioneer in producing environmentally friendly tea. You can categorize this tea as a type of organic tea.

Numi companyís products have Fair Trade labels. This means that Numi company provides tea growers (their sources) reasonable wages and working benefits.


New Natural approach to tea production

Numi tea leaves are shipped from trusted sources all over the world. Numi company makes sure that their sources follow their policy to ensure that only the purest and highest-quality tea leaves are marketed.

That means no pesticides or artificial flavorings are added into the leaves. After all, Numi companyís success depends mostly on its reputation in providing only high-quality Numi to consumers.

All of Numi products use whole tea leaves. Other companies may use tea dust to put in tea bags. However, tea bags from Numi company contains only whole tea leaves. Thatís to say how much Numi focuses on its productís quality.

As past and recent studies have shown, tea can reduce cholesterol, retard cancer development, strengthen bones and teeth, and enhance mental clarity... These benefits are resulted from the natural chemicals tea leaves contain.

Whole and young tea leaves reserve the most beneficial nutrients such as ECGC, vitamins, and minerals. Thus, the use of whole tea leaves ensures that all of Numi tea products contain the most health benefits potential as possible.

One special thing about Numi tea bags, beside the fact that they contains whole tea leaves, is that the bags are recyclable. The material used to make the tea bags are biodegradable. Numi company limit the use of chemicals in tea processing by using oxygen bleach for tea bags, instead of chlorine bleach.


Numi flowering tea

The most popular and famous products from Numi is its flowering tea. As said above, the Numi company ensures that their high-quality tea leaves are scented with real fruits and herbs.

Thus, if you drink different brands of flowering tea long enough, you can sense which one is artificial and which one is natural. You can taste the natural flavor in Numi tea. Itís smooth and consistent.

Beside flowering tea, Numi is also known for its line of herbal tea. There are many different types of Numi herbal tea. Some are scented with one kind of herbs. Other are scented with a mixture of herbs like chamomile and mint.

Numi uses fresh and high-quality herbs for all of its herbal products to distinguish itself from competitors in the tea industry. After all, quality is everything in the world of business.

Numi tea not only stands out in its quality but also in its presentation. The tea was wrapped in green bamboo shoot. The combination of natural gift wrappers and the soothing fragrance of the tea inside promises that your next cup of tea will be a soothing and satisfied one...

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