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Helpful Resources

If you are interested in tea, we thought you may also want to learn more about other natural products. Thus, we reserve this page to include some links to other resources that you may find helpful. These links are provided for informational purpose only. We can't guarantee for the completeness or accuracy of the information from these sites.

Herbal Resources

Herb care: Pau darco, pau d'arco, stevia extract, rooibos and Ojibway tea, premium quality online store, tips, testimonials and information on many reasearches done on herbal products.

An Organic herbal health supplement Essies tea is a herbal supplement for people suffering from acne, heartburn,� diabetes, cancer,� etc. It can be used with other medication and also with chemotherapy and radiation and actually reduces�the awful side-effects.

Herbal Organic tea online Herbalteaslive.com offers a variety of certified organic loose-leaf teas at economical prices.

Dry skin care guide This website will educate readers with information and tips dry skin care. Provides skin care information on available solutions and treatment to eliminate dry skin presence.

Tea Extra

FlowerFairy's Artisan Blooming Tea Supplier Artisan is also known as flowering,art, displayed, or blossoming tea. FlowerFairy is an artisan blooming tea supplier directly from China.

The Tea House Times - a Victorian Afternoon Tea Publication, subscribe today. Ask about our Tea Tours or visit our website for details. Celebrate your Passion for Tea, Victorian Treasures & Friendship. Subcribe today or visit this website for Tea Party supplies & ideas, Gifts, and tea news.

Japanese Green Tea Hibiki-an Genuine Japanese green tea is directly delivered anywhere around the world from Japan. We are proud of our quality and value, because we also have our tea farm in Uji, kyoto, Japan, the birthplace of Japanese green tea.

Health Directory

Tea Organization & Association

US Tea Association Tea Council of USA and the Special Institute. Contains rich tea resources for tea sellers and consumers. Support tea retailers and buyers in US.

UK Tea Council Provide news and useful info related to tea industry in UK . Contains a wide range of other information on tea reasearch, business, and schools.

Tea Association of Canada Covers news and information on the tea industry in Canada. Contains tea-related info on tea reaseach, media, food, and consumers in Canada. Available in both English and French.

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