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Kids tea sets

Dear fellow parents,

If you are reading this page, you probably are trying to find kids tea sets for your little princess at home. I want to share a story with you as a parent who has daughters. I have two daughters but they are all grown up now. Time flies by too fast...

My two daughters were raised in two different countries, Vietnam and America. However, they both wanted to play with kids tea sets.

Something never changes!

I remember there was a time that all they wanted was a kid tea set for their little parties with the teddy bears and dolls. By the end of the day, when I just put my foot in the house, my older daughter would drag me to the living room and forced me to sit on one of those tiny plastic chair.

The teddy bear fits the chair but I�m certainly not. So I reasoned with her to let me sit on the couch so I could enjoy her "empty" cup of tea better! She would dress up in her mother's cloths and wore over-sized high-heel shoes. The party was quite formal, I guess.

She then introduced me to her guests. There was a couple of teddy bears and dolls. It took quite a while for her to introduce everyone. Especially when she had to make up names for every stuff animals.

The funny thing was that I was the only "gentlemen" in her parties. She said she made exceptions for me because I'm her father. How special...

She would then poured a cup of tea for me. She was careful as if she was pouring real hot tea... I had to wait " for the ladies to have their teas" before I could "enjoy" it.

Drinking my daughter's tea was even more complicated than drinking real tea. She said I had to smell the tea first, take a small sip, comment on the "tea", put the cup down, and ask her for a piece of cake.

Where did she learn all that?...

I was very thirsty for a bottle of cold water but she wouldn't never allow a "gentlemen" like me to leave the party before all the teddy bears and doll princess...

My youngest daughter was the same thing. The kids tea sets in America are more beautiful and look like real- she always asked me for it. I guess the genes for pretending tea parties just jump from one daughter to the next...until I have a son.. that is...

It's probably a phase in every little girl's life where she wanted to be a young lady. But somehow she is not quite there yet. My daughters have grown out of those cute little tea parties. I guess they are not little anymore...

My thoughts on kids tea sets...

You may think that kids tea sets aren't the right toys for your little girl. As parent to parent, I want to share with you some of my thoughts about the effects of kids tea sets on both parents and daughters.

When my older daughter was very young, I very much wanted for her to have interest in math or science. I tried to change the opinion that those fields are not suitable for women. However, at the time, all my daughter was interested in was tea parties with the teddy bears and dolls. I love my daughter very much so I didn't want to stress the issue too much.

Every day I came home from work, she would ask me to join her party with little kids tea sets. I always did. In those little parties, I would talk to her about her school, her friends, her thoughts on things, her interests...

To her, these talks were just the conversations in her tea parties. But to me, they were the opportunities to know more about my child. After some time, I was no longer feel uneasy that my daughter was not at all interested in science or math. I�m satisfied that the fact that those tea parties were great opportunities for me to spend some more time with her.

One day I came home from school. There wasn't any tea party. The kids tea set was still in the box.

I went to my older daughter�s room and saw her looking at pictures of butterflies. I had a book about the complete life of the butterflies and tons of very nice and life-like pictures of all kinds of butterflies in the world.

I was quite surprised of her sudden change of interests. I found out later that her teacher had shown the class a video on the life cycle of the butterflies. She said they look pretty so she wanted my book to see more pictures. Several days later, she had a science test on the life cycle of the butterflies.

When I came home, instead of an "empty" cup of tea, she showed me her science test. She got 100. She was so happy and exciting. As was I.

I'm not sure how it happened but my older daughter began to show great interest in science and math. I helped her by given her more opportunities to go to the museums, borrow videos, and buy science books.

Now, she is majoring in biology and will pursuit a career in medicine. She helped me with some of the scientific materials on this site.

From my experiences with my first daughter, I let my second daughter find her interest in life on her own. I learned that she will know it when the right time comes. I think that a parent's job is to steer the kids in the right way and expose them to all options available. It's up to them to choose which path to go.

The kids tea sets give parents like me golden opportunities to spend time with my daughters. With the busy life we had, those opportunities become very rare.

Before you know it, your little princess will grow up. They will no longer confine in you their thoughts and feelings. Their friends will have that privilege...

Share with your children those nice memories of those cute tea parties, they will remember them. Once in a while, my daughters still remind me about those little parties that I had with them. The tea parties were make-believed but the talks and the memories were real.

I want to share with you something...

The kids tea sets may be one of the smallest investments for your little girl. Things just get worse from now on. Before you realize it, she will ask you for a make-up kit, new cloths, cell phone, Ipod, laptop, and some new technological devices that I can't even remember the names. Not to mention cars and college expenses...whew.. That�s a lot of pressure on parents like me and my wallet.

Anyway, the kids tea sets have created many nice memories for me and my daughters. I hope they would do the same for you and your little princess or princesses at home.

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