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Ice tea, anyone?

The story of the birth of ice tea is in America.

Where did ice tea come from? ...Most of original teas are enjoyed in boiled hot water. However, tea tastes excellent in cold as well as in hot water. This kind of tea in America's most famous contribution to the global culture of tea.

(� Photographer:Susan Fox | Agency: Dreamstime.com)

Who invented ice tea?

The birth of this wonderful and refreshing kind of tea began when a business man wanted to have more customers in his tea vendors.

In 1904, Richard Blechynden was participating in the Worlds Fair in Saint Louis. It was a hot summer day. It probably was not a good idea to serve hot tea in such hot and humid weather. Unfortunately, hot tea was exactly what Richard offered.

Richard waited a long time but he still didn't have any customer. Frustrated because of very slow business, he decided to add tons of ice into his tea. Figure the ice would cool off the body. To his surprise, the business picked up very fast. People loved his ice tea.

Today, iced tea is a popular and refreshing drink during the summer, especially Long Island ice tea. Richard's invention of iced-tea helped make tea even more popular in America.

Ice tea is one of America�s
favorite drink with foods.

Not sure what it is but Americans seem to like to put everything on ice. While Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indians, and Englishmen enjoyed mostly hot tea, Americans prefer ice tea. The market of iced tea today reaches more than 3 billion per year.

Why Americans love iced tea?

One of the reasons that Americans love iced tea more than hot tea probably because cold drink is better with the foods.

Take this as an example. Often when we go to the market, we often buy a the little bottle of sodas in the freezer instead of the 1 L giant bottle on the shelve, even though they are both the same price.

It�s because it�s cold and it makes the slice of pizza or a hamburger taste much better.

Another reason probably is that ice tea is easier to make. It doesn�t require many equipments or methods. Iced tea in the bottles are in great demand in the market.

What's special about iced tea in bottle?

Tea is a chemically stable drink. Unlike milk, tea takes a long time to rot. Thus iced-tea bottles can be shelved for a long time without addition of any preservatives.

It�s also this convenience that contribute to the popularity of iced tea.

Several kinds of black tea< can served as tea bases to make iced tea. For example, Assam, Ceylon, and Darjeeling black tea are often used. But a few Chinese black tea can yield better and clearer iced tea.

Why flavored ice is popular?

Due to the growing preferences of this cold tea, flavored ice also became a booming business. There is a wide range of selection of ice flavor like vanilla, ginger, mango, grapefruit...

But it�s better to pair strong flavored ice with strong tea and vice versa. Do this to keep the flavors between the tea and ice balanced.

What's the general methods to make iced tea?

Because ice will increase the volume of tea, it�s best to double the amount of tea added into the water. After the tea is brewed, add more water into the tea.

It�s a good idea to add room-temperature water because sudden changes of water will yield clouding tea. Iced tea looks much better when it�s clear.

It�s best to pour tea into each ice-fill glass instead of pouring ice into the bowl of tea. This is because if the tea isn�t serve right away, the ice will dilute the tea to an extent that it can turn into tasteless tea..

Additions to iced tea include lemon, oranges juices, sugar, and honey. Choose the one that suits your taste.

What are the safety regarding iced tea?

This tea should be used within 24 hours after it was made. If the tea isn�t ready to serve, put the rest of the tea into the refrigerator.

Don�t leave the tea uncovered outside because bacteria in the air can contaminate the tea.

What's the disadvantage about Sun tea?

All of the benefits of drinking tea would be wasted if you drink the tea that�s left outside for a long time. For this reason, Sun tea may be not a good idea, especially to people who have weak immune system.

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