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My Green tea Benefits Journal

Most people have heard of tea or specifically green tea benefits. However, the information on this subject can either be general or in too much details.

The information here are the collections of my experiences and readings. One major misundertanding is that people are told that tea is miraculous drugs and can cure any disease. It's not so!

Tea growing and harvesting are greatly controlled to that the tea can preserve as much helpful and natural chemicals as possible. These chemicals help to strengthen your body to reduce the damage caused by bacteria.

Drinking tea is a long-term process to a healthy life. This can not be acheived over night.

The below information about tea health benefits can not replace professional advices from your doctor or nutritional advisors.

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  • Research on green tea dieting in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • Okinawan tea, is it the tea or the habit?
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